A Painted World of Shadows

They paint the world in shadows,
bound with semblances of light,
fabricated with the hope that
we might follow their false plight.
They say their light is sole platonic,
say their judgement is from God,
stoke our fear in what is not seen,
claim their own land is worth our awe.

“Cross not to the dark shadows
little child, keep going straight
for in the darkness, there be dragons,
we cannot hope to e’er abate.”
Then with a nudge in their direction,
they’ll point to comfort as they strike
the once dear freedoms we have traded
for the false comfort they’ve designed.

All the while, in the darkness,
the storied monsters play their roles,
that aren’t quite as they’ve taught us
but rather tales in their control.
In dark there is discovery,
and possibility for more;
there is freedom in the darkness
when we illuminate its shore.

“Give your submission, we’ll return you
with the comfort you require.”
All the while we throw our freedom,
straight upon the funeral pyre.
There can be no comfort worth the
mammoth price that we would pay
in forfeiting our freedom so that
they might hold the reigns.

So go forth into the darkness,
see what wonders you might find
and if in truth therein be dragons
you’ll do well to keep in mind:
By surpassing their fake threshold
you’ve obtained yourself the power
to combat whatever hardships
you might face with your willpower.

But perhaps you’ll find the darkness
can be brighter than the light
and the stories they have fed you
were true solely in their sights;
Perhaps the story that shapes history,
that is, the one that will survive,
is the story you discovered
and brought other men to find.