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Marvel At The Wonders

This poem was previously published in the Dream Write Literary Journal. Marvel at the Wonders I. The sun moves slowly downward a tapestry of color inking and feathering through the veins of the universe. It’s nothing altogether new for me, just an average ordinary setting of the sun with pigments of chemistry polluting the sky. […]

A Painted World of Shadows

A Painted World of Shadows They paint the world in shadows, bound with semblances of light, fabricated with the hope that we might follow their false plight. They say their light is sole platonic, say their judgement is from God, stoke our fear in what is not seen, claim their own land is worth our […]

I Think of Thee Each Night

I Think of Thee Each Night   And were my thoughts rewarded by the smallest drops of water: I could create an ocean ever massive, ever vast. Filled with remnants of my feelings of a love that everlasts.   And were my tears in solitude graced the presence of a light: I could create a […]

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes I know it hurts But if you’ll only close your eyes the world will go away. A canvas, blank, awaits your eyelids shutting. Now dream. paint, lucidity creates: A world that’s meant to live in. Separate from the realm beyond the veil of slim, smooth, supple, skin, here you no longer feel […]


Beauty   I’ve stood before and watched the stars in perfect, silent wonder. Without a thought from whence they came, enamored with their numbers. It was enough, for me to sit and count them one by one. No need to ask that twinkling sky “Who made your stars, your suns?”   I’ve sat before and […]

The Masked Actress of Great Britain

he Masked Actress of Great Britain   I have three screens around me: a phone, a tablet, a computer. Each screen exhibits the same images of perfection — that is, perfection in a moment. A frozen, fragmented, frame fulfills its purpose of fabricating a fraudulent reality, the exquisite and singular event presented to its user. […]

Dreamless Reality

Dreamless Reality   When the world turns upside down, for a moment, there is equilibrium. Perhaps not life or death but an amalgamation lying somewhere in the middle – a living purgatory.   As I look down at his eyes, deeply closed, I cannot help but feel… Nothing. As though I am some monster.   […]

One Last Time

One Last Time I’m only here to walk. To take in all the mountains — the red rock to comb through the sage brush and to watch her final run. She stops periodically: tail pointed front paw lifted nose in line with her discovery. My father readies his gun beside me, I don’t need the […]

Dances with Shadows

Dances with Shadows “Dance, loneliness! Dance for me! Not one, but three, for me!” said she. The shadows strive to set her free they never leave, those shadows three.     They dance and dance til soon she sees     The shadow dance is now a need.   And as the dance continues on the girl begins to […]