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Paramours Layla was dreaming, sitting in the passenger seat of a sprinting, rice-rocketed Civic, and gazing with closed eyes out its windshield. The glass had been recently scraped of snow and ice. Layla’s skin was pale against her hefty black overcoat, and her head rested stiffly on her arm that was jammed into the small […]

We Happy Few

We Happy Few Often, Tilly Valentine would make a point of telling others not to say that which she wished they wouldn’t tell her. For instance, most mornings Tilly found herself incanting to her mother, Margot, “Please don’t say you love me.” Those were words she found herself missing nowadays. Tilly Valentine seemed to possess […]

The Graveyard

The Graveyard The boys sat, laid back, their elbows propping the upper half of their bodies up. They each had a chilled glass of homemade root beer in hand that Joey’s mom had made to get them out of the house. “Take this and go outside to drink it,” she had told the three young […]