Dances with Shadows

“Dance, loneliness! Dance for me!

Not one, but three, for me!” said she.

The shadows strive to set her free

they never leave, those shadows three.

    They dance and dance til soon she sees

    The shadow dance is now a need.


And as the dance continues on

the girl begins to feel withdrawn.

The shadows dance beneath the dawn,

the girl sits still upon the lawn.

    “Oh dance,” pleads she. “We’re still alone.

    A dance with thee does not postpone.”


The shadows speak in silence still

through moonlit arms upon that hill.

The girl stares on, then feels a chill

as sunlight comes against her will.

    Through sunlit arms, the shadows speak

    how loneliness has made her weak.


“Away shadows, away you all…

Not one, but three, go away,” she calls.

The shadows recede, slowly they crawl

but only til noon will they remain small.

    ‘Alone in company,’ she broods.

    ‘Forever in my solitude.’