Dreamless Reality


When the world turns upside down,

for a moment,

there is equilibrium.

Perhaps not life or death

but an amalgamation

lying somewhere

in the middle –

a living purgatory.


As I look down at his eyes,

deeply closed,

I cannot help but feel…


As though I am some monster.


But, I realize,

I am in the interim:

Still loving all the memories —

feeling ghostly lips,

and eerie heartbeats drumming by my ear,

the warmth of his clothing,

the stubble on his cheeks,

a dream wherein he holds me…


It seems real and I suppose,

the realness of a dream can

overcome reality;

Until that time when

the Earth rights itself

and agitates existence,

and the cool, unfeeling ground

comes rushing in to swallow,

the effulgence of our life

and I will forget him.

After the battering of loss

has run its course:

I will forget him —

Another dream.

Truth shackles.

Another slave unto reality.


First three lines courtesy of Amy Lee.