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One Last Time

One Last Time I’m only here to walk. To take in all the mountains — the red rock to comb through the sage brush and to watch her final run. She stops periodically: tail pointed front paw lifted nose in line with her discovery. My father readies his gun beside me, I don’t need the […]

Dances with Shadows

Dances with Shadows “Dance, loneliness! Dance for me! Not one, but three, for me!” said she. The shadows strive to set her free they never leave, those shadows three.     They dance and dance til soon she sees     The shadow dance is now a need.   And as the dance continues on the girl begins to […]

you look out at the people

you look out at the people and as the people pass you by and wonder wanders far from nigh and why walks forward, entranecing   inaction’s cry of questioning hope passes by, to ne‘er be found, a common ground, comes not around, and as they fade away you say how did they move without a […]

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces I’m writing from an empty space, a hole within my heart. One I’ve tried to fill with many shapes so I don’t fall apart. Ernest tells me holes are good, they’re meant to be left open for someone who can fill them even after they’re reopened. But when hope has failed so many […]

To Kiss the Rain

To Kiss the Rain Watch the rain come falling down, see its puddles on the ground. Watch it clothe the world in darkness, listen to its endless sound.   A drumming beat, a weeping chorus, ten million tears cascading down. Watch it slip through cracks and creases, watch it run to ne’er be found.   […]

Rent the Mask

Rent the Mask We wear the mask, now let it go.   A poet told me once in faith — straight from the page, to me, he spake of human life and suffering, but ne’er unto recovering.   “We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,– This […]

A Calloused Heart II

A Calloused Heart II The heart moves on, it mends itself. It puts old love up on the shelf. It runs away with hopes to meet a newfound love who shan’t repeat, but love him for eternity, his heart does search thus earnestly.   The heart returns it tries to heal. The callused heart so […]

A Calloused Heart

All love is but a restless force, hitting hearts from course to course. Faithful once then gone the next, it runs and plays, aims for the fence. It jumps and hits, at times in jest, yet the consequence is rarely less. A calloused heart for a loving soul, a loyal man, his heart once full. […]


Reality Look to the stars to ponder desires now back to the earth for they shan’t be acquired. It’s not that they’re gone, that hurts the most. Tis your friends out in space, grabbing stars as they boast. Look to the sea, the vastness awaits you. Now back to the ship, the vessel to take […]